is owned and operated by a small group of IT professionals and mining enthusiasts. Located in Milwaukee, WI USA.

We started the pool to help decentralize the ETC network and provide miners with a highly optimized mining backend to bring them the least stale shares, least uncles, and highest profitability possible.

The pool is written in Go, a programming language developed by Google. Go gave us the best performance on the backend, compared to other NodeJS or PHP pool engines.

The cloud network we utilize is a combination of Digital Ocean and AWS. In some cases, other providers will be used. This cluster of nodes and servers means you can be confident with no downtime and lowest ping possible!

Security is a top priority. All traffic between our servers is encrypted to prevent MITM attacks. All nodes, especially payment nodes, have been hardened and protected. SSL ports can be used for any of our mining nodes, which will further provide security for our miners.

Our team is dedicated to transparency and decentralization. We believe that Code is Law, all transactions are final and immutable. We believe in Proof of Work and support GPU and ASIC mining.

To contact us, please use the Help Center.

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