Not all pools are created equal when it comes to handling ASIC miner Stratum requests.

We can confirm is fully compatible with Jasminer X4 series, AnexMiner series and all other Jasminer ASIC servers.

Pool is compatible with iPollo ASIC miners.

Pool is compatible with Innosilicon and Bitmain ASIC miners.

View ETC ASIC miner profitability and efficiency here:

How to Configure Jasminer ASIC Miner for ETC

On your Jasminer admin panel, click Miner on left side, under option Coin Select, choose ETC – before clicking update feel free to enter in pool information.

Example configuration:



Password: x

Worker ID’s must be less than 8 characters long.

Mining Server Connection Details

Pick a location that is closest to your ASIC servers.

North AmericaEuropeSingaporeAustralia
Stratum Port8008800880088008
UsernameYour ETC AddressYour ETC AddressYour ETC AddressYour ETC Address

We recommend purchasing from when choosing a reputable reseller.

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