ETC Mining Pool for Farms

We provide large miners with private nodes for optimal ping, lower fees, high difficulty stratum, and top-notch support. is only successful when our Mining Partners are too!

Highest Profits

Mining Partners are rewarded with an industry low 0.5% fee. This means more profits going back to miners.

Private Nodes

We can provide large miners, upon request, private nodes which means your connection to the pool is under 20ms in most cases.

Priority Support

Our Mining Partners have access to priority support in our Discord, and have insights into the activities of the pool. 

Become a Mining Partner

To gain access to Private Nodes and Lower Fees, we require farms to be over 20 GH/s 

This number is subject to change in the future. Contact our admin team and we will start the process!

Industry Leaders in ETC Mining

We use the latest techniques to optimize our mining nodes. When you mine on you can rest assured that you are supporting and protecting the ETC network. We do not censor transactions or take miners funds as donations. We strive to be fully transparent and dedicated to decentralization. Code is Law. 

Lowest Fee

ETC Pool only charges you a 0.7% fee, in line with the industry's lowest fees for mining software, and pools.

Highest Profit

Our goal is to provide miners with a reliable, profitable mining pool. Stop giving away your coins to high fee software and join ETC Pool today!

99.999% Uptime

A pool needs to have 99.999% uptime, because you know what downtime can do to your operation.

Global Servers

The highest performing ETC mining pools need to have a low uncle rate which means a network of high speed nodes and optimized mining engine. 

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