ETH is switching to Proof of Stake, Soon™.

After The Merge, ETH will be the largest PoS smart contract blockchain. While ETC will be the largest PoW smart contract blockchain.

ETH will be the largest PoS cryptocurrency by market cap, bumping Cardano and Solana down.

Proof of Stake Blockchains listed by market cap size.
PoS blockchains from

Other blockchains such as EOS and BNB run on a DPoS model so they are not included in the list above.

When looking at the PoW blockchains, as ETH leaves — ETC will be the 4th largest PoW chain by market cap.

ETC will be the largest PoW Smart Contract chain, as BTC, LTC, and DOGE do not support EVM, or any smart contracts in general.

Proof of Work Blockchains listed by market cap size.
PoW blockchains from

ETC currently is the longest Ethereum blockchain, due to difficulty changes from ETH developers which slowed down block creation on the ETH chain.

ETC miners rest sound knowing the emission curve is fixed.

ETC miners find assurance in the immutable nature of ETC and the ETC community. Investing in a project that hardforks on the whim of a Discord discussion can be, and has proven to be, extremely risky — also defeating the purpose of decentralization.

ETC will greatly benefit from ETH miners migrating to Ethereum Classic.

The reasoning is simple, ETC will be the largest Proof of Work Smart Contract blockchain.

Mining ETC is exactly the same as mining ETH. Overclocks and power settings don’t need to be tweaked.

ETC miners know that decentralized programable sound money will prove to be extremely valuable.

ETC has all the properties of Sound Money. It’s decentralized, uncensorable, divisible, transferable, fungible, durable and scarce. The cornerstone of a blockchain’s sound monetary policy is scarcity via a known future supply. Just like Bitcoin, but unlike Ethereum™, Classic has a fixed emission curve. A fixed amount of ETC created as a block reward for miners, which means that holders of ETC can accurately calculate the total amount of ETC in existence at any point in time.
Known Supply😍😍BTC and ETC have a fixed emission curve, as shown above. ETH has an unknown future supply that can be easily changed at any time.
Proof of Work😍😍ETH is switching to Proof of Stake in the near future. ETC is committed to remaining on the more secure Proof of Work indefinitely.
Turing Complete😍😍ETH and ETC use the same underlying EVM to enable Smart Contracts; any contract deployed on ETH will also be deployable on ETC.
No Premine😍😍About 70m ETH (now well over half) was pre-allocated to investors and developers. ETC and BTC distributions were not pre-mined.
No Foundation😍😍BTC and ETC have no central leadership or foundation to direct development, making them more decentralized and resilient.
No Irregular State😍😍ETC exists in response to ETH’s TheDAO bailout hardfork. This “irregular state change” is a permanent reminder that your ETH can be confiscated.
Layer 1 Scalability😡ETH’s attempt to scale Layer 1 necessarily creates state bloat, security and availability tradeoffs for only a meager increase in throughput.
Layer 2 Scalability😍😍😍It is possible to scale to a greater extent without sacrificing security by using Layer 2 solutions such as Lighting, State Channels, Optimistic Rollup, etc.
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Will you be mining ETC after The Merge? What are your reasons for joining the Classic Community? Thanks for reading!

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