August 31, 2022

Dear miners, 

Thank you for trusting and choosing We know there are many pools to choose from, which is why we are grateful to provide our miners with the best ETC pool possible.

When we first created ETC Pool, we focused our efforts on the backend system. We wanted to create the highest performing pool possible. We use very aggressive block propagation, Riskless Uncle Making, and lightening fast servers to send our blocks out as fast as possible. The goal was to lead to fewer stale shares and less uncle blocks, leading to higher profits for miners. 

Miners started joining, and many have stayed on since. We had grown from essentially nothing to a stable pool with miners all over the globe. 

Over the next few months, we started focusing more on the front-end and QOL for mass appeal to the mining market. This included new front-end charts, and reporting features. Also back-end updates to further optimize ping and efficiency. 

The pool grew from less than 1GH to over 10GH over the course of a few weeks. While still small, we are still extremely grateful for the trust you put in us. 

As we look towards the future, our goal remains the same: Provide miners with a stable, efficient, and low cost Ethereum Classic pool. Our servers and infrastructure are ready to handle anything thrown at them during the upcoming Merge. We stand true to our values, Code is Law. We vow to always protect the interests of miners first, both large and small. 

We only succeed when our miners are profitable. If you’re not a miner already, give the pool a try and let us know your feedback!

Thank you for mining with us, and happy mining everyone!

Sincerely, admin team

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