Which pool is the most profitable to mine on? Lets find out.

Earlier, we compared top ETC mining pools to ETCPool.us and today we will cover the most profitable ETC pools.

First we have to talk about the most profitable mining methods. Then the pool size is another factor to when picking your pool.

PPLNS and FPPS or PPS+ reward methods pay you the full block rewards + tx fees.

PPS will only pay the base block reward, and assume every block is 100% effort.

This means when the pool is finding low effort blocks and tx fees, the pool is taking those profits for themselves. When the blocks are high effort, the pool pays out of their pocket. Large pools tend to have 100% luck anyway so miners are forfeiting income by mining on large PPS pools.

miners are forfeiting income by mining on large PPS pools

PPS+ or FPPS pools should pay the block reward as PPS then the tx fees as PPLNS method. PPS+ and FPPS are the same thing. Its also important to remember that PPS, FPPS/PPS+ pools tend to charge upwards of 3% in fees.

PPLNS is the most profitable reward method in our opinion which is why we deploy it on our own ETC pool. PPLNS rewards miners the full block reward plus transaction fees, and miners get the benefits of good Luck from the pool.

Let’s compare some of the pools from the eyes of a miner, with the insights of a pool operator.

You can see f2pool and antpool are charging 0% – they normally charge 3% – that is marketing during The Merge.

Poolin is the current largest ETC pool. They charge 3% and reward full block rewards + transaction fees. They pay per each share and assume each block is 100% effort, or luck. They are charging 3% fees and essentially providing the same service as a PPLNS pool, but at a much higher rate.

Take Binance pool for example, it charges 3% for FPPS. Their pool is currently 1.3TH – a sizeable pool by all means. They too are providing the same service as a PPLNS pool but at a higher rate.

If Binance pool was smaller in size, then it would make more sense to charge a higher fee because during slow times they are still compensating miners – taking on risk. As a top 10 pool, they aren’t assuming much risk at all, yet still charging 3%.

Small pool using PPS/PPS+ are at a higher risk of losing money (paying miners while finding no blocks) and pool operators should charge higher fee. Large pools using PPS/PPS+ are not taking on nearly as much risk(they find lots of blocks so if a few blocks take longer, it doesn’t really matter) and should charge less. They don’t though, that would cut into their profits of course.

Large, Top 10 pools, should all be running at or very near 100% effort. So when picking between them the fee is the single most important factor.

On smaller pools, PPLNS can be much more profitable some times, and other times much less profitable. Over the course of a month or more, the profits on small vs large pools tend to be the same.

Large pools find many blocks, and you get a smaller percent share of those blocks. Small pools find less blocks, and you get a larger percent share.

The key for smaller pools, is to not drop off during a slow period – since mining is probabilistic you never know when the blocks can start rolling in.

Which pool is the most profitable?

10GHs/month Earnings112.713 ETC111.88 ETC109.62 ETC109.62 ETC
ETC Pool wins!

ETCPool.us charges the lowest fee, rewards all the block rewards possible! You can see the fees can really start to add up.

Join today and stop giving away your ETC to high fee pools!

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