Best Ethereum Classic Mining Pool in 2022

Updated list of the best Ethereum Classic mining Pools in 2022:

  • Ethermine – Largest pool, no registration needed.
  • F2pool – Third largest Bitcoin mining pool.
  • – Very low fee, global ETC mining pool. – Recommended
  • 2Miners – Easy to use website and payouts in BTC or NANO.
  • Hiveon – Free for HiveOS customers.
  • Ezil – Merged with Zil coin.
  • Antpool – Donated $10M to ETC ecosystem development.
  • Nanopool – Stable multi-coin mining pool with adjustable payouts.
  • Richpool – Payouts in BTC with low fee.
  • Flexpool – Reliable multi-coin mining pool with global servers.
  • Crazypool – Many locations to choose from.
  • Binance Pool – User friendly UI, connected to Binance account.

What are the best reward methods?

Mining pools can use a variety of methods to calculate rewards for miners. Below are a few of the most common, and most profitable.

Pay Per Last N Shares (PPLNS)

PPLNS rewards miners the full block reward plus transaction fees. PPLNS calculates the amount of shares a miner has sent during the last N shares and uses that as their percent of the block reward. This prevents pool-hopping and protects loyal miners. The value for N will be based upon the pool. Pools are taking on the lowest amount of risk using this method, and tend to charge lower fees because of it.

Pay Per Share (PPS)

PPS will only pay the base block reward, and assume every block is 100% effort. This means that transaction fees are collected by the pool and not shared among the miners.

Pay Per Share Plus (PPS+)

PPS+ sometimes known as FPPS use the same method as PPS for the base block reward and PPLNS for the transaction fees. This leads to stable income although pools tend to charge high fees for this method.

What is a mining pool?

Mining pools are a service that allows people from all over the world to group together their computing power in order to mine new blocks. The mining pool then shares the rewards with the miners. Mining pools offer services such as rig monitoring, charts and statistics to increase miners quality of life. Mining pools utilize many optimization techniques and high speed nodes to propagate blocks as quickly as possible.

How to calculate ETC mining profitability?

You can easily calculate the earnings for your mining rig or GPU by using this ETC mining calculator. This can fluctuate often due to network difficulty and price always changing. Other things to consider are energy costs, mining software fee, and pool fee.

List of the best ETC mining pools


What is the best ETC mining pool?

Distribution mode: PPLNS.
Pool fee: 0.7%.

✅ Low pool fee.
✅ Global servers for lowest ping.
✅ Private nodes for Mining Partners.
❌ Fluctuating income, for now!

On smaller pools, PPLNS can be much more profitable some times, and other times much less profitable. Over the course of a month or more, the profits on small vs large pools tend to be the same.

Large pools find many blocks, and you get a smaller percent share of those blocks. Small pools find less blocks, and you get a larger percent share.

The key for smaller pools, is to not drop off during a slow period – since mining is probabilistic you never know when the blocks can start rolling in.

How to choose the best Ethereum Classic mining pool?

The most important factors that go into choosing the best mining pool are fees, ping and features. This will help you make an informed decision and increase your Ethereum Classic mining profits.


To choose the best Ethereum Classic pool, miners need to consider multiple factors like reward methods, pool fees, payout transaction costs, server locations, safety and reliability level, and many others. Some pools also offer additional features that are worth the switch.

We hope this guide will help you choose the best pool for Ethereum Classic mining. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Please do your research and happy mining!

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